Really, really “sticky notes”

Some things I have a hard time remembering. I occasionally need to write a document in a language other than English and found constantly inserting special characters a pain. Switching to the needed foreign language keyboard makes it much easier, but I don’t do it often enough to have the layout memorized. So I use a “sticky note” – an image of the keyboard on the desktop. Here is what I am talking about:

desktop sticky keyboard



When I did this the first time, I cleared the desktop and loaded a solid color background. then I captured it with the “Prnt Scn” key and loaded it into Paint. Next I selected the foreground color with the color picker tool. Then I pick colorused the rectangle tool, chose solid fill – no border and put a rectangle over the images of all desktop - covermy desktop icons. Now I had a solid rectangle the same size as my desktop.  I saved it to my Pictures folder – with the imaginative name “desktop.jpg”.  Having a saved picture of the same size as the desktop makes the next steps a lot easier.

Now comes the useful part:

When I want to put something semi-permanently on my desktop – like the capture of the keyboard layout. I load my “desktop.jpg” and use Edit – Paste from… and put it in the desired position. Then I save it.

Next I personalize my desktop: Right-click on a blank spot, select Personalize, then Desktop Background, the chose Location Pictures and click on the “desktop.jpg” – actually the image of it. Click OK and the the desktop has the new “sticky note”.

To change the desktop image or add to it, I just edit the image in Paint again and reload it to the actual desktop as described.

Oh, I also occasionally add a picture or other decoration in the same way. This allows me to position and size the picture so it does not conflict with the icons.



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