Windows 7 Magnifier

There is much in Windows 7 to make it easier for us older folks. A very happy surprise was the Magnifier in Windows 7 RC.


The new Magnifier has a “lens” option (the default) which magnifies an area around the pointer. For us seniors this is much easier and more intuitive than the previous version. It works just like that real magnifier sitting next to my telephone. Those little fly specks in front of folders in a navigation pane now look like the little arrow heads that they are. More importantly it is now much easier to to place the pointer where you need it.

The lens size can be changed as well as the magnification. There is a full screen mode – the lens is now the size of the screen and looks at a portion of a much larger desktop. Also quite nice. The old “docked” mode is still available for those who have mastered that approach. Something my students in class always struggled with – and gave up on.

Be sure to try the new Magnifier – it is a very nice improvement.


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