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In Windows 7 the Sidebar is gone, but Gadgets are there. Now Gadgets need not reside in the Sidebar and can be placed anywhere on the desktop. In Vista when you dragged a Gadget out of the Sidebar it could be placed anywhere, but some would enlarge to display more information. The Weather Gadget would give a three-day forecast. In Windows 7 it still does. Gadgets that have such features now have an additional control. When you mouse to the right of a Gadget a little control panel appears that allows you to close, resize (on some), set options (the little wrench) or drag the Gadget.


So when you click on the image you get the larger option, like here:


Of course, now the little control panel changes to: image

Gadgets are considered part of the desktop and do not disappear when you mouse over the “Show desktop” box or click on it.

Oh, you want to know how to get to Gadgets?

Well, when you click Start and type sidebar you get:


Or you can type gadget – even quicker as it puts image right at the top, just press Enter.

Curious why “sidebar” gets you there? Turns out gadgets reside in a folder called “Windows Sidebar”. Why? Something about reptilian brain stems or… oh, never mind.

And the third option – never fear, there are always three options – just right-click on a empty space on the desktop. Note the second to last option in the menu:


One of the Gadgets is no longer available in the  Gadget selector: Sticky notes. More about that in another blog.


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