Windows 7 Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes in Windows 7 have grown up. No longer is there a Sticky Notes gadget like in Vista, it is now a program residing in the Accessories folder. When you click on the program name the first time, you get a little yellow notepad and you can type your note. It will look something like this:

imageOn inspection, you see that it is just the same as in your Vista days. Except for the image resizing handle in the lower right corner. Indeed the note can be resized as you like. So you can write rather lengthy notes. You are still limited to the “scripty” font in just one size.

Now when you want to write another sticky and click on the image there is a pleasant surprise. In Vista you got to a imagenew page on the same pad. With Windows 7 Sticky Notes you get another fresh new note on the desktop. You can clutter up your Windows 7 desktop just the way you do the one the computer sits on. Isn’t that grand?!

Since Sticky Notes is a regular program, but with multiple windows, it gets its entry on the Taskbar. When you hover on the icon you get the thumbnail – and if your eyesight is tad better than mine, you can read the text of the last note.image Hover on the thumbnail and magic: All the open windows are “glassed” and you see the stickyimage notes on top. Grander!! Clicking Start get you the Start menu, of course. Having started Sticky Notes will have the program on the start menu. The little right arrow gets you this:


The right pane has an option “New Note” but does not show the open notes. Betcha this is temporary! Now if you click Start and type “sticky” there is a list on the Start menu of the last three notes:


Any other neat trick? Hovering the pointer on the “Show desktop” button removes the notes from view and “glasses” out the other windows. Of course the image in the upper right corner closes that note.

Enough for today. Enjoy!


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  1. Lynn says:

    Nice post. There\’s a small "oops", however. You said "Of course the \’X\’ in the upper right corner closes that note." It doesn\’t actually – it deletes the note. You right click the taskbar icon and select "Close window" to close notes. Regards,Lynn

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