Show off your Photos on your Spaces page – 1

Spaces nicely makes various features readily available: image —  Compared to the Spaces main page the Photos page is rather utilitarian. It is efficient but plain:

gallery 10


If you want to show off your photos in a more spectacular way do it on your main Spaces page. You can add up to six photo modules (at present). Log into your Spaces page and click Customize over toward the right. The menu allows you to change the layout, the theme, and to add modules.

gallery 12 gallery 16

You may want to first set your page layout. The eight options may seem meager, but you can really do a lot of arranging in any of the layouts.

In the Customize menu select Add modules. Scroll down a bit and notice the Add in the Photos section. Click it to add a module. Once you have reached the limit of six the Add control disappears.

gallery 22

Make sure that for each photos module it says Hide – indicating that Show is presently in force. Save your settings.

Now the fun begins. In the Customize menu click Rearrange or hide modules. You can arrange the modules by dragging them into the position you want. Take a look at four different layouts of my “gallery”:

gallery 1 gallery 2 gallery 4 gallery 5

gallery 25

You can drag the modules around until you are happy. In any of the layouts you can drag a module to the top or bottom area and it will be added full width as shown in the first example above. Any of the areas can hold multiple modules.

There are many options, see a couple of the menus here:

gallery 14 gallery 18

There is more!


When a viewer clicks on any of the pictures, she is taken to the gorgeous Windows Live slide viewer.

gallery 26

On each module there is a picture control. If you leave that set to play image then in most browsers the photos will play through the album. You can select the speed (Edit module). Visitors also have this control available and can stop and start the show or advance to the next or previous picture.

You have more than six albums? For each module you can select which albums to include. In the illustrations of my gallery above the right two show the Album picker turned on so visitors can select the album to view.

gallery 6


So you see there are a huge number of variations – one is sure to appeal to you as being just right. You may visit my photo “gallery” (click on the link) to see what I think is just right for me. Of course, by tomorrow I may have changed my mind and modified my page.

Have fun!



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