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Of course you can show off pictures in your blogs. That way you can have a great deal of control of the appearance of your site.

Here is an example:


This site uses a blog entry to display the title pictures of individual albums. To make this even more attractive a link is assigned to each picture. The link leads to the Windows Live slide show of that album.

Here is how to do that:

Bring up the slide show for the album in your browser. Copy the address. Then in preparing the blog click on the picture you gallery 2ainserted (with Insert picture) and click on Insert hyperlink. Enter the address of the running slide show.

On my desktop the process looks a bit like the picture here: The browser (left background) is running the slide show for the selected picture in the blog. I clicked in the address bar and with Ctrl+C copied the address. Then I selected Insert hyperlink and with Ctrl+V placed the address into the URL field of the Edit Hyperlink dialog. This is done for each picture.

The finished blog is published and there you have it. If you want a better idea about how this works go to my gallery and take a look – be sure to click on some of the pictures to see how the links work.

Note: The pictures above in this blog are NOT linked. To see my gallery CLICK HERE. This gallery is for illustrative purposes and makes no claims to artistic merit.



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