Windows Live Movie Maker – My first try

The beta version of Windows Live Movie Maker had not impressed me. So when the final release was announced, I was at first hesitant. I had just installed Windows 7 so I had a clean machine and downloaded Windows Live Essentials and the new Movie Maker. With a “new” machine, there was not much to make a movie with. I moved some still photos into the Pictures library and started the “explore”. When you open Movie Maker you get a clean “slate” with the message “Drag videos and photos here…” The new feature of just dragging a window to the edge works nicely to resize the window to half the screen. I did the same with the pictures folder on the other edge and the workspace is ready:


Then it was just a matter of dragging photos over. Order doesn’t matter, the pictures can be easily re-arranged by dragging – nice. I opened the music folder and dragged over one of the sample selections.


Discovered that you can drag the beginning to wherever you want it – nice again.

Then came the really neat feature: image Just clicking AutoMovie arranges the music and the photos – it insert title and credits placeholders, puts in transitions and pans, and arranges the timing. I did make some adjustments, shortened some scenes, lengthened others, changed some of the transition effects. In no time at all my movie was ready. I have since played around with it to learn more of the features. This is really a very powerful, yet amazingly easy to use, program. All the needed effects, tools, options are there. I am pleased and impressed.

My first movie was done wide-screen, for quicker access I uploaded a “standard” format version. Here is my movie:

Evening in Savannah

If you don’t get a video above, please go to my YouTube site:  Ludwig J.’s videos

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3 Responses to Windows Live Movie Maker – My first try

  1. X-Evolutionist says:

    Ludwig,You did great on your first try! I watched your YouTube page on the Clubhouse. The Soapbox link did not work. They are closing Soapbox soon, anyway. Great job. I liked the music. It sounded like something Aaron Copeland would have written. How can I get that piece of music? I have XP, so I can\’t download movie maker. Thanks, XX

  2. Ken Patterson says:

    Very nice, I hope I can do one half as nice as this one.

  3. Zeeyad says:

    Download the latest version of the Windows Live Movie Maker from here: explore DOT live DOT com

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