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Tags are one of the most useful features of digital images. Tags make finding a photo really easy. With the date being automatically recorded and maybe some additional fixed data, the photographer does not have to worry about that data. Tags are different. Tags need to be assigned manually. That sounds like more of a chore than it actually is. This blog is about finding pictures, but since you need to assign them first, I will start with that task. Windows Live Photo Gallery recognizes two types of tags: people tags that identify persons shown in the photo, and descriptive tags that are used for everything else. In this blog, I will stick to just descriptive tags, leaving people tags for another day.

Descriptive tags can be assigned during the import process. That is easy when groups of photos cover the same subject matter – that is very often the case. Once the pictures are on the computer, tagging is easy in Photo Gallery. There are several ways.

Assigning a tag.

After importing, the pictures are now in separate folders as you grouped them. You can find them by folder or date. When a group is shown in the gallery, you can right-click the group name (shown in the picture here with a red pointer), and click Select all. Of course, you can select a group the same way you select files in Windows Explorer. Naturally, you can just select one photo at time as well.


Once the photos are selected, click Add descriptive tags in the Info pane at the right. As soon as you start typing in the text entry box a little menu scrolls down ad shows all existing tags that start with that letter or letters. If the tag you want exists, just click on it and press Enter. You are done.

image image


If the tag is a new one, finish typing and press Enter.

If this isn’t easy enough, there is another quick way to assign an existing tag to one or more selected photos. Display the list of tags in the navigation pane – just click on Descriptive tags, scroll the list so you see the one you want, then drag the selected photos to the tag (with the pointer on any of the selected photos, press and hold the left mouse button to drag). Make sure you see the little Apply … message as illustrated here:


Easy enough? So let’s get back to the subject of this blog.

Finding photos by tag.

Again there are a number of ways.

1) In the gallery you can display the thumbnails in different order. The default display is auto. Click there and one of the options is Tag:

image image

You can then scroll your gallery and see the thumbnails arranged by tags.





2) Click on the name of the tag in the navigation pane (with descriptive tags expanded, you may need to scroll the list). Oh, yes, you can select more than one tag! Hold down Ctrl as you select the tags you want.


3) You can find tagged photos with the search tool.



In you have selected a particular folder, or date, search will only show the photos in that selection. And yes, you can select several folders in the navigation pane the way you can select individual items – hold down Ctrl and click the folder or date.

Well, I trust that I convinced you that tags are an excellent tool for finding your pictures. In my next blog I will discuss People tags – really, really neat!


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4 Responses to Find your photos 2 – Windows Live Photo Gallery

  1. X-Evolutionist says:

    Hi Ludwig, I saw this post on the Clubhouse. I love your pictures, particularly the hawks. I looked at you photo albums, but I could not find the hawk pictures to get a better look, but your other pictures are beautiful, too. X

  2. Unknown says:

    Great posts, thanks for the info. I have been using tags for a long time and love them. But I cannot figure out how to (and am afraid there won\’t be a way to) \’and\’ together tags instead of \’or\’ing them. When you select multiple tags holding Ctrl it shows all photos containing either tag. Most of the time I am looking for only those photos that have all selected tags. Do you know if there is a way to do that? Thanks,Peter

  3. Unknown says:

    Actually, just after I posted this I realized how to do it for two tags. Sort by tags, select the first tag, then select the second tag from the table of contents. that works pretty well. Any idea if there is a way to do it for more than two? Being able to do two is a nice improvement but it should really support any number, maybe using Alt instead of Cntrl.Thanks,Peter

  4. Ludwig J. says:

    To Peter and other readers who want to be more selective in their searching:When you select tags (or dates) in the navigation bar and use the Ctrl key to select multiple items the logical operation is OR – you get the images matching any of the selected items. If you want to find images that have all of a group of tags – the logical AND opration use the search box. Each of the images that will be displayed has all of the specified attributes. This probably needs to be explained in more detail in another blog entry. Enjoy!

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