Moving Spaces Photos files and folders

Every so often most of us find that our arrangement of “albums” or folders no longer seems to fit our needs. So you want to “move some furniture around”. Well, things don’t work the same way up in the clouds as they do down home. You go to your Space Photos and So you try to drag a folder from one place to another. Or into another folder. All you get is that nice: A pointer unavailable – “Unavailable”. You cannot re-arrange the folders or move one folder into another.

However! You can move contents from one folder to any other. You can move a subfolder, a folder inside another folder, to any other. Here is how:

Moving a photo

Sign in to your Spaces account, go to Photos, the folder where the picture is. Click on the picture. When the picture is displayed there is a menu bar above it.


There is a command Move.  Clicking on this gets you to something like this:


Click on the destination folder – you may have to scroll.

You get something like this:


If there are folders inside the destination folder, they are also shown as in the previous step. Clicking steps you into that folder.

When the correct path is displayed, click on Move this file into …. The file is moved. Any file in that folder with the same name is overwritten without warning!

Bummer: You can only move one photo at a time.



Moving a folder

This has to be a subfolder. This will not work for the primary folders that are displayed in Photos.

Go to the folder and click on it. The menu bar above the thumbnails will have a More option at the end. Clicking this get to something like this:


Click the Move command. The following steps are the same as explained above, but instead of moving a single picture, you will be moving the entire folder, with all subfolders!

Bummer: Only primary folders can be included in a module on your Spaces site.

However, you can link to a slide show of the pictures in a subfolder in a blog post, like this:


I have been informed by “usually reliable sources” that the limitations mentioned above are just temporary stumbles on the way into the future.

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  1. Edward N. says:

    I am looking to reorganize my top-level albums before uploading a bunch of new pics. Any word on when we will be able to "move" top-level albums into subfolders? Moving pics one at a time from a folder with 80 or 90 images is pretty time consuming :(Also – seems WL Photo Gallery isn\’t able to "publish" into an album\’s subfolders. Is this being worked on too?ENV

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