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For want of a comma my Clubhouse post was lost. Three days ago I posted a blog. It checked out just fine on my Spaces site. Only today, three days later, did I notice that it was not picked up in the Clubhouse. Turns out I left out a comma in the tags list, right after “clubhouse”. Ah, those spiders crawling the web are picky. If they don’t recognize the morsel meant for them, they just ignore and keep going. So beware! Check your tags very carefully. Make sure every tag is spelled correctly, and do not leave out any commas. Doing so just creates a new (multi-word) tag that may not mean anything to the crawly thingie.

There is some pleasant news in this. I pulled up the post in Live Writer and made the correction. Clicked “Publish” thinking that a new post would be added and intended afterwards to delete the previous one to remove the duplication. That’s not what Live Writer and Spaces did. The existing post was updated with the correction! Nice, very nice! What’s more the Clubhouse spider found it right away and the post was added in the Clubhouse. Also very nice, it finds updates!

There is a price to pay. The update did not change the post date, reasonable enough. However, when the updated post was picked up, it was placed in the list of posts with the original date, putting it way down on page two. Frequent Clubhouse members would not see it there, since it was now placed well behind the more recent posts that most folks knew they had seen already.

Moral: Check your tags for accuracy. There is a price to pay for mistakes!


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