Windows 7 Launch Party – video “commercial”

Its almost time to get the invitations out. Thought I would do it a little differently and send along a little “commercial” – a video put together in Windows Live Movie Maker. I can’t, of course, invite everyone to my party, but I can share my little effort.

Here it is:

Launch Party Invitation


And here the answers to the technical questions: I used a screen recorder, CamStudio, to capture the boot sequence of Windows 7 running in a virtual machine. Then edited the sequence in Windows Live Movie Maker. Added some stills, transitions and captions. It did not take as many minutes as the the 23 seconds the video runs.


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  1. X-Evolutionist says:

    Hi Ludwig, I saw this post in the Clubhouse. Did you do anything special for your youtube video to show in the Clubhouse? Usually they are blocked. Just curiouse. Thanks. X

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