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When I show of space photos and come to a picture with an astronaut, it helps to be able to tell who it is. All my life I have been a space fan. So my photo collection contains a number of astronomical and space program photos. A few from NASA, some showing astronauts. Windows Live Photo Gallery people tags really come in handy to find photos of people and to be able to tell who the people are.

But first I want to tell you how to go about tagging people. An earlier blog covered descriptive tags, now it is time for people tags. When you have a picture showing people, just double-click on the thumbnail image to bring up the photo full size. If the Info pane is not open, click Info in the menu bar. Windows Live Photo Gallery immediately checks for people. If it detects a face it announces “Person found – Identify” in the Info pane.


When you move the pointer to a “Person found” listing, the picture is dimmed with just the detected face highlighted like in the illustration here. In this picture one person has been tagged already. Clicking on the highlighted face brings up a dialog with all the names of your friends and people tags that you have already assigned. This makes it easy to just click on a name to complete the tagging. If it is a new name, use the text entry box at the top to enter the persons name.


If Photo Gallery misses a face – it detects only full front , level faces –  you can just click Tag someone and draw a box over the face. The tagged name is now listed in the People tags section in the navigation pane.

Finding People

There are two easy ways to find people.

1) Scroll through the People tags list. The tags are shown in groups. Favorites – if you have used that group – is one. Other contacts for people in your contact list and Other People are the others. Just expand the list to see them. Click on a name and all the pictures with that person show up in the gallery pane.

2) Click All photos and videos in the navigation pane (or the folder that you want to look in) and type the name you are looking for in the search box. Photo Gallery displays the thumbnails that have a word that starts with whatever you typed either in a tag, caption or file name.


That’s all it takes to find your photos showing tagged people!

One more nice feature: As you show pictures full size in Photo Gallery, move the pointer to a face. A small label is displayed showing the name.


You can give your presentation confidently, knowing that you can quickly name your friends in the pictures.

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