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Star ratings! Another way to find your photos using Windows Live Photo Gallery. There are so many options! In previous posts I blogged about how to find the folders, finding by the date the pictures were taken, by descriptive tags, and people tags. Now another neat method: star ratings. We all have pictures that we are very proud of and eager to show off to friends. Rating photos provides an option to identify those special photos. This does not mean that your rating system has to match anyone else’s idea of what is outstanding, just yours. In fact, you don’t have to base your rating system on “quality”, it can really any classification that has just five classes.

imageWhen you select one or more thumbnails, or you have maximized an specific photo, down toward the right, in the Info pane, you can assign a Rating. Of course it helps to make up your mind beforehand about how you want to rate your photos. So work your way through the pictures that you want to rate. Choose a star rating, or skip photos if you don’t wish to assign any rating.

Once you have made rating assignments it is easy to find your photos.

Finding rated photosimage

In the main pane of Photo Gallery, at imagethe top, there is a Filter by command. Just click the star rating you want to find. There is also menu for setting the option as shown here. You can select a rating and all those higher, or a rating and all those lower, or just a specific star rating.

Click the rating star and the pictures with that rating are shown in the main gallery pane.

But there is more!

Select a folder or folders in the navigation pane and the star rating selection brings up only the rated photos from those folders. Here is an illustration of four-star only photos from just two folders:


Remember, to select individual folders, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking the folder names.

Now, when your boss walks in, click All photos and videos, select five-stars only image , and click Slide show. Show off just your best!


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