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Previous posts covered finding photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery by file name, folder, date taken, descriptive tags, people tags, and ratings. This last installment looks at Search. Towards the upper right there is a text entry box with the faint text “Find a photo”. The explanation says “Type to start a text filter on your current view”.


This short explanation just does not do justice to the power of this search option. “Find a photo” searches file name, tags, caption (title), author, and camera for matching text. Any words or numbers in those fields can be searched. This makes this a very powerful way to narrow down a search.

You start the search by selecting the general area in the navigation pane – All photos and videos for a universal search of your photos known to Photo Gallery. But most likely you want a narrower group, maybe by location or date, or with selected tags. Next you can also filter by rating. Then you type the text word or words to look for.

Say I am looking for a four-star rated jpg photo of a goose taken in 2009: Select 2009 in the navigation pane, click on the fourth star in the rating field, type “jpg” and type “goose” – by the time I got to “go” the search was already narrowed down to just the one photo.

WLPG search

You can include the period in front of the file name suffix (like .tif or .jpg)  to avoid including a photo that might have the suffix in the title or a tag.

You must try this search option for yourself to really appreciate the power, ease, and versatility.


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