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Some neat new features are offered in the Windows 7 Calculator. At first glance it looks just like a cheap little calculator, but look a little deeper and you find a powerful tool!

calculator-00acalculator-00bClick on View and the new uses become apparent.  First there are the different modes – Standard (as shown here), Scientific – with trig and the other functions expected on such a calculator, Programmer – even 64-bit binary!, Statistics – just the basics, but nicely done.

It saves and displays the history of your calculations – every entry. You can even go back and make corrections.

Digit grouping in the results, with commas separating the thousands (in the US version).

Unit conversions are offered for some of the basic measurements.

Lastly there a “Worksheets” for making mortgage, lease, and vehicle fuel economy calculations.

Calculating fuel economy

To illustrate the use of the new calculator, let’s quickly check my car’s mpg (miles per gallon). Here is a page form my car log:


To calculate the fuel economy we divide the distance traveled by the fuel used. The first fill-up here was at 75,088 miles on the odometer, there were 14 fill-up, the last at 78,683 on the odo.



The fuel amounts are added. The sum is copied (with Ctrl-C) and pasted in to the Fuel used text box.

calculator-06 calculator-08

The last odometer reading is entered and the first one subtracted to get the distance. This is similarly copied to the Distance box. Click the Calculate button and the results are displayed.

Selecting ViewHistory allows reviewing – even correcting – all the entries made in the current session. You can even copy the entire history (EditHistoryCopy history) and paste the data into another application.


Neat, yes?!



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