Word 2010 – Background Remover

Office 2010 brings some fine changes. Here I want to show one “WOW” change in Word 2010 – The picture background remover tool. Loading a picture is pretty much as it was in Word 2007, but when Picture Tools comes up the most prominent item is on the left end of the ribbon: Remove Background.


For pictures like the one here, where the background is very distinct, the remover tool works essentially automatically.


It offers a cropping rectangle. There are tools for marking areas – to keep or to remove. The area to be removed is colored over. Clicking Keep Changes applies the selections.

But there is more. Selecting Wrap Text – Tight wraps text to the remaining part of the image, not to the selected crop area. You can even apply a shadow to the remaining image like this:


For this example I did not have to use the Mark Area to Keep or Mark Areas to Remove tools. I guess that will keep for another day.

Is this great or what?


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  1. technogran says:

    Wow! This feature is brilliant! Thanks for the info.

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