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Your Spaces page is your face on the Web, this is how friends, family and strangers see you. It is easy to shape your face to your personality. Windows Live Spaces pages contain “modules”. You can select what modules to show, how they are arranges, design themes for the page and more. Let me show you.


imageWhen you log in to your Windows Live account you are taken to your Home page. I like to get to my Spaces page from my Profile page – it is really a gateway page to my pages and to those of all the people in my network. The link to the Spaces page is on the left under the profile picture. On the Spaces page in the upper right is the link to Customize. This is where you can let your  imagination roam. If you are new to your Spaces page, you will want to start with Add modules. You will find a large number of options. They are shown in nine groups:

Featured modules
Photos, music, and video
Xbox Live
Space tools


I discussed some of the options for Themes and Layout in another blog: Show off your Photos on your Spaces page – 1. Take a look. For a superb tutorial on setting up your space see Technogran’s post Windows Live for Newbie’s 10. The other articles in that series are very much worth your time as well. [rev 100218-16:54]

Here is a really neat module: Book list.


To add the module click on the “Book list    Add” line. In Spaces you click “Add” to add the module. A new line will be added showing the module with the “Hide” option so you can “hide” the module from your page. After adding the module (and saving), the module will show on your page:


Next comes the impressive fun! Click Edit list.


Of course this being a new list, there is nothing on it. So click “Add book”. In the next window you are requested to enter the book title, and if you know the author and/or ISBN number. Here for this exercise I just typed the title of one of my books. The Search link searches the Internet for information about books with the information that was entered. The results show little images of the book covers. My book was one of those found.


Clicking on a book image in the results causes the other fields to be filled with the correct information. A couple of click to get back, and there is the book list on the Spaces page.


There you have it. Not only is it really easy to put up a list of your favorite books, the list provides links for obtaining more information on each book. For this

book it takes you right to the book’s page on

In my next posting I will explore another interesting nook: A video on your page. 



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  1. technogran says:

    Brilliant post Ludwig on setting up your Spaces page. I also did one similar ages ago at!2418D1CD90C52C20!5855.entry take a look!

  2. X-Evolutionist says:

    Ludwig: I noticed that Windows Live tweeted info about spaces, and it was this post! Congratulations! X

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