Video on your Spaces page

You want to perk up your page, so you come across Video and Windows Media Player in the Add modules tab:


Oh joy, oh rapture! Video on my page, Media Player on my page, hurray!

Let’s start with Video. In the edit window you find that can embed videos from video hosting sites, including Soapbox, YouTube, Google Video, iFilm, and Yahoo! Video. If you have an account at one of those places you can bring in a video.



So let’s try Windows Media Player. The edit window for this also asks for a web address. This time it needs to be in a supported video format. Windows Live Movie Maker can make WMV files. Let’s upload the file to SkyDrive and happiness will follow. Movie Maker doesn’t show SkyDrive as a destination. So save it locally and upload it from the SkyDrive page. There you find the video file and a web address:


You copy the web address and paste it into the Media Player address box. Click Save – and despair, oh, great despair. It does not work!

What could be wrong? What’s wrong is the web address is that of the page in SkyDrive not of the video file. You search, you consult and finally get “good” advice. Right-click on the file icon and select Copy shortcut.


That is the web address for downloading the file. The last few characters are ?download with those removed you have a web address to the video file.

That address pasted into the Media Player edit window gets it finally to work.


See it works!!! You tell your friends. You are happy. But alas, happiness turns into despair just hours later. It no longer works. What is wrong this time? Turns out that the web address you got is just a temporary one, good for just a few hours. No permanent address.

In great sorrow you look out into the ocean. Waves are washing ashore. Wave after wave. A glimmer of hope! Maybe Wave 4. Please, please Microsoft!!! Fix it in Wave 4!!!

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3 Responses to Video on your Spaces page

  1. Custom says:

    Thank you for the post, Yes we too found after numerous attempts to install media player into our spaces page that it would not play training media from Windows Learning Videos (WMV) nor You Tube flash video after downloading .Hopefully this issue can be resolved soon as we would like to make a list of video available to our clients as well!Please feel free to view our spaces page.

  2. technogran says:

    And the moral of this story is to use Windows Live Writer instead! It makes it easy to add videos from the files on your computer, from the Web and/or from a video hosting site such as YouTube. In fact Live Writer makes everything you do with a blog easier!

  3. Sean says:

    Windows Live Writer doesn\’t add video to your spaces page TG. It only adds video to your blog which is a module that you can have on your spaces page. Windows Media Player is a seperate module that plays video from almost everywhere on the web except for Skydrive. Sorry to say that Windows Live Writer isn\’t going to do anything whatsoever here.

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