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Way too often I answer “I did a blog on that”, only to fumble trying to find the post. Wanting my blogs close to hand, I decided to make a hard-copy collection of some of them. Just printing them out didn’t seem very appealing, so I copied the posts into Word. The layout needed rework – it may have looked good in the browser, but it is a lot different on W2010-C02paper. Of course, all the hyperlinks needed to be removed and the references changed. Titles needed some help. Now I could rearrange them into a more logical order. Outline view in Word makes that nice and easy.

In a printed document finding a subject requires an index, and with that page numbers. Might as well add a contents page in front. Didn’t take long and I had a little book together.

Since I work on a couple of different computers, this little project gave me an opportunity to check out some of the differences between Word 2007 on my Vista machine and Word 2010 (Beta) on my Windows 7 machine. The new Word 2010 adds a number of nice features. Now it stands to reason that when features are added there must be changes in the file format. Word 2010 saves DOCX files, but these are not the same as DOCX files from Word 2007.

I started my project in Word 2007, when I opened it in Word 2010 I got my first hint in the title bar: image It says “Compatibility Mode”.

So what does that mean? Click on File and the Info pane explains:


W2010-C01 What are some of those new features? Text effects are new in Word 2010. Look what you get when you click on the text effects icon: “This command is currently disabled”. Turns out that in “compatibility mode” the new Word 2010 works just like Word 2007. Take a look at the Font dialog in compatibility mode and in Word 2010 mode.



Both of these are Word 2010 dialogs. The left one is in “compatibility mode”, the right one in the new Word 2010 mode. Note that the “compatibility mode” dialog shows the effects that are available in Word 2010. In the new mode, these, and many more, are available with the Text Effects… button.  Nicely done, don’t you think?

Working in “compatibility mode” I was able to go back and forth smoothly between Word 2010 and Word 2007 and work on my project. Since I wanted to print the collection in black-and-white to hold the cost down, some of the illustrations just didn’t work out. image

I added a cover, this would be in color. I could illustrate at least one of the nice effects available in Windows Live Photo Gallery – the dramatic red-filter black and white effect. I composited that in a full-feature photo editor and then finished the cover design in Word.

I chose a non-white color for the cover background. For a reprint of blog posts what could be more appropriate than “Recycled paper”. Page LayoutPage BackgroundPage ColorFill Effects… The title and other copy was added in text boxes so I could easily re-arrange the looks until I was happy with it.

Now text boxes offer some really interesting changes in Word 2010. Just take a look at the Text Box Tools ribbons in the two modes.


Word 2010 adds many new features. Look at these screenshots:




Yes, text boxes can now rotate freely. Yes, Word will save to PDF. I had to restrain myself, this was getting to be way too much fun.

I finished up my slim booklet, you can see the results of this little project in the sidebar. If you are viewing this post not on my Spaces page, this link: This ‘n That will take you there.



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  1. Greg says:

    Word even makes a pretty decent blog editor, especially if you use SharePoint or WordPress. Sadly, it doesn\’t work very well with Microsoft\’s own Windows Live Spaces, unless you manually upload your images first and then…aw heck, it\’s just too much trouble. I was hoping for some miraculous new blogging functionality in Word 2010, but alas it looks to be a clone of 2007\’s blogging features.

  2. jAVIER says:

    I am Professional Photographer, Is Very Well, I send Yours 5 Stars….FJC….//

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