4 Responses to Metadata: There is more in your photos than meets the eye!

  1. Jorge says:

    Ludwig, I\’ve been enjoying your articles on WLPG. I have one metadata-related question: Is the metadata exportable/extractable so that it can be used in, say, a database to allow for quick photo searching?

  2. Ludwig J. says:

    Jorge, thank you for your comment and for reading my blog. I don\’t need the metadata much, so I am happy with EXIFTOOL (search "exiftool harvey") it has an option to write the metadata to an external text file. There are many other extract tools – I have no experience with them. Good luck!

  3. Jorge says:

    Thanks, Ludwig. I\’ll check out EXIFTOOL (and others, if needed). If I find something especially interesting, I\’ll drop a note here.

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