12 Responses to Metadata: Adding information with Windows Live Photo Gallery

  1. Unknown says:

    call this meta tags-tmi

  2. Nicole says:

    up to how many photos does windows live photo gallery hold?

  3. Ludwig J. says:

    Photos are not stored "inside" Photo Gallery. Photo Gallery displays and organizes the display order of photos stored on the computer and attached drives. So there is no real limit – just the storage limit of your computer and attached drives.

  4. thank you for taking the time to share…much appreciated. Amy

  5. Gary Green says:

    Good tutorial. I followed it, then tagged about 5000 photos and added captions and dates. I love how fast WLPG finds them by tag, date or caption text. Is there any way to put these on the image?

    • Ludwig says:

      Hello Gary, Glad it is working for your. The tag, caption, and date information is stored inside the JPG files of your photos. The information is retained in the files even when stored on SkyDrive, although you can’t see it there.
      I am not sure that I understood your question correctly. Please comment again if you need additional information.

  6. mike keel says:

    Great post. Do you know a way to add file names to the photo so it shows up in a slide show?

    • Ludwig says:

      Most slide shows will show the title (in Properties: Title, Subject; in Live Photo Galley: Caption). You might try adding the file name to the title.

  7. Ron says:

    I’ve added a caption for a picture and it shows up in Windows Live Photo Gallery. But what do I need to do to have this caption show up on the picture when it is emailed?

    • Ludwig says:

      The caption is part of the “metadata”, it is embedded in the picture file, but it is not visible in the photo. The various viewers can show the caption. That is why the caption will look different in SkyDrive, for example, form the way it looks on your desktop. When you send a “photo email” with a link to your SkyDrive album, your friends will see the photos and captions just the way you see them in your SkyDrive. If you wish to attach the photos to an email and want the captions to show on the photos you need to overlay text on the photos. You can to that most easily in Paint – just add text with the Text tool, then save the image with a new name (so you don’t mess with the original). Mail the marked copies. Hope this helps.

  8. Ken Lucas says:

    When I upload WLFG photos to Dropbox, the Caption and Descriptive Tag is missing. If it is there but hidden, how can the Caption and Descriptive Tag be viewed by others? I tried various methods of viewing but was not able to.

    • Ludwig says:

      Enable the Details pane in Windows Explorer. The tags are shown and “Caption” will be shown under Title. Be sure that the Photo Gallery Option > Publish is NOT set to “Remove all file details”.

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