6 Responses to Metadata: Managing information with Windows Explorer

  1. Linda says:

    I\’ve been following this series of articles on metadata, as my new computer will have Window 7. I\’ve been relying on Photoshop Elements to add author and copyright information when I import pictures. I started that procedure only recently though. I\’ll probably add author information to my other pictures one day, using the technique you describe in your article.

  2. Hans says:

    Its a good idea to stay away from editing fields that relate to the so called "picture taking conditions". As an example, your screenshot above shows how to alter the value for the metering mode. This is basically tampering with the truth; this value is ONLY set by the camera and reflects the TRUE setting of the camera when the image was shot. Its a bug in the Windows File Explorer, even in Windows 7 – these fields are supposed to be read-only. It applies to a number of fields shown above.

  3. Ludwig J. says:

    Hans is absolutely correct. Changing the values recorded by the camera is not a good idea. This is true of the date as well. I attempted to show how some of the fields work. My illustration of the metering mode was not a good choice. There are times when, because of other processing, the camera data is lost. Adding such data back in to record the actual values is then a desirable feature. Thank you Hans for your comment.

  4. Jacques Riopel says:

    Where is the meta-data stored? I am just worried if I tag files on my PC, then move them to the file server, the meta-data may not follow…

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