Windows Live Photo Gallery – My “Picture Central”

Always up to a challenge, I tried for almost two weeks to do the Clubhouse experiment of going a day without using a Windows Live product – to see which I missed the most. Sorry, folks, I couldn’t do it. Seems I used, needed, Windows Live Photo Gallery every day.

Photography and computing have been my avocation since my early years – not just as hobbies but also my professional work. So I have quite a collection of photo managing and editing software – from simple applications to very sophisticated photo editors. When Windows Live Photo Gallery was introduced I had to try it, of course.

image Before long, I was using it to import the pictures from my camera. It made it so easy to group the photos into date folders and assign common tags. It even manages my scanner so digitizing my old print collection is just a few clicks away.

Tagging and searching in Photo Gallery are a breeze. So it soon became my “picture central”. I discovered that Photo Gallery can convert the photo file type from the camera’s “raw” format to JPG with ease – even in batches. My special programs from the camera manufacturer are gathering cobwebs. Organizing photos is a pleasure with Photo Gallery – I started blogging about it a year ago (Organizing Pictures with Windows Live Photo Gallery).

The “fixing” tools in Photo Gallery proved to be quite sufficient to do most of the picture cleanup, enhancing and improving – and so easy and intuitive! Much faster than the “professional” tool I had been using for many years. In addition WLPG offers some very nice tools, like “Create panoramic photo”. It nicely integrates and makes available under “Extras” more powerful programs such as Image Composite Editor and Photosynth. When I do need additional editing power, I right-click a thumbnail and there is the “Open with” option and I can launch right into the application needed.

DPBcoverMost noteworthy is the ease of sharing photos, be is by e-mail, or publishing them online to my Spaces albums or to other sharing services. Photos are resized and sent to the selected destination with no effort at all. Even making hard-copy prints, locally or online, is easily managed. These tasks are so pleasant in WLPG that my other applications are just gathering dust, or whatever they do in the computers attic.

Importing, organizing, enhancing, printing, sharing… all in one application.

So you think I am a Windows Live Photo Gallery enthusiast? You betcha! I like it so much, I just love sharing what it can do with friends and anyone who listens to me. Most of my blog post on This ‘n That have been about Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Indeed, enough so, I wrote a book about Windows Live Photo Gallery and the Windows Live Services, Digital Pictures Basics.

Are there things I wish WLPG would do, or do better? Sure. There are reports that another round of improvements is just around the corner. I know I will be pleased, and so will you. WLPG has done much to bring the vision of Bill Gates of “information at your fingertips” to reality. This is a marvelous program. I really would not want to be without it.




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