Slide Shows using PowerPoint 2010

There are a number of ways of putting together a dazzling slide show. Using PowerPoint might not come to mind at the top of the list, but it offers some very nice features that are hard or impossible to do in other applications. Let me tell you about them. But before I get started in PowerPoint, I use Windows Live Photo Gallery to select, enhance, and resize the photos I want. The show will be shown using a projector, so I do not need the full resolution of the photos. I resize the selected images and put them into separate folder.

Photo Gallery presents a fine slide show of these pictures, however it does not let me rearrange the order. Also the timing applies to all the photos.

image image

Using the SkyDrive slide show is another possibility. An the show is gorgeous!

image image

In the SkyDrive folder I can rearrange the pictures freely. But I don’t have control over transitions and there are no special effects.

So this brings me to PowerPoint. On the Insert tab, a Photo Album can be inserted in one operation. Each photo is placed on a separate slide.


The Insert dialog allow me to select all the photos in a folder (I use Ctrl-A) and the show is on its way.


In ViewSlide Sorter I can see all the pictures and arrange them by just dragging.


By default PowerPoint adds just a title slide, but additional slides can be readily inserted. And, of course, all the PowerPoint text features are available! I will concentrate on the transitions and effects. Some real pizzazz is on hand here!


There is a wide selection of transitions to choose from. Mind you, this can be done slide by slide or for all at once. In addition the transition time can be specified. The timing can be specified – again for all or one at a time:


Timing allows control of the duration of the transition effect, and also the time the slide will be shown before proceeding to the next one. (I like automatic shows, so I uncheck “On Mouse Click” and specify the time.)

Here are a few views of transitions:

image image

image image

These snapshots cannot reveal the full impact of the effects. You really have to experiment and try them out yourself. There is a great deal more to make stunning effects and shows.

PowerPoint really is not just for business presentations. It is a powerful tool for photographers to put together enjoyable, stunning slide shows.

Try it! Enjoy!



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