Adding Zoom.It Pictures to your Site or Blog

When creating a Zoom.It picture after the conversion two results are offered. A web address (URL) for the picture and embed code to allow adding the picture to a blog post or showing it on a web site. Unfortunately for users of Windows Live Spaces the embed code uses “script”. Now in the Windows Live world the word “script” is a four-letter word (bad, filthy, swear word).


If you place that code anywhere on your Spaces page (in an HTLM module or some other way), the entire script portion is stripped when you publish and nothing is shown.


If you are using Windows Live Writer for preparing your blog posts you also have a problem. If you are using the latest versions (Build 14 or the new beta Build 15), and you insert the embed code (in Source view), it will not show in Normal view. The code, however, is not stripped out. However, when published to a Spaces blog the code is removed and again nothing will show in the post.

So users of Windows Live Spaces need to work around this “feature”. Here is an approach that works nicely, is not too much of a pain, and actually gives you more control over layout and style:

  1. Insert a “still” picture (thumbnail) of the Zoom.It picture, placed as you like.
  2. Assign a hyperlink to the picture consisting of the URL of the Zoom.It picture appended with #full. (So the hyperlink address looks like this: Of course you want to use the address of your own Zoom.It picture.MallG3LvC(580)

That last bit, appending #full to the URL, is optional, but what it does is bring up the linked Zoom.It picture in full browser mode. That yields an effective and pretty way. Here I am illustrating this with the small picture. Click on it to go to the Zoom.It picture.

The Zoom.It service, feature, or product – however you look at it – is an amazing tool for viewing and sharing large, high-resolution images. Here a quote from the Zoom.It site: converts your image to the Deep Zoom format, which lets you smoothly and efficiently explore the whole image, no matter how large. Check out Deep Zoom Studio for examples of this technology in action.

If you have not tried it yet, do it soon. It is really something!

Please also visit my blog on “things photographic”: Café Ludwig


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