Sharing a Slide Show – Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 (beta – Wave 4)

There is an intriguing option in slide show mode in Windows Live Photo Gallery. It is titled “Share slide show”.  But let me back up – you might not be familiar with the slide show mode. Photo Gallery has a “Slide Show” command on the Home tab of the Ribbon. There are several presentation themes for the slide show. Click Slide Show, click on a theme, and Photo Gallery shows the pictures full screen, panning, moving them according to the selected SlideShow-Movie-01Atheme.

If just one thumbnail is selected, the slide show will be of all of the pictures in the active folder. Selecting two or more will result in a slide show of just the selected photos.

Just one downside, and that has been so in the previous versions of Photo Gallery as well, the order of the pictures in the slide show is not easily arranged. They are shown in the order in which they appear in the gallery (starting with the selected thumbnail). The order in the gallery, of course, can be changed – pictures can be ordered by date, file name, caption (title), etc.

I like to make copies of photos and place them in a separate folder so the show is always readily available. There, I prefix the file name with a number to set the order.

When the slide show is running, moving he pointer to the top edge brings up a menu bar. This is where the option that caught my SlideShow-Movie-03attention appears. The  Change theme command allows switching to one of the other themes. Create movie is very interesting: it immediately brings up Windows Live Movie Maker with the slides already loaded, together with the transitions set according to the selected theme.

Share slide show displays options as shown here in the illustration. Sharing can be done to a Windows Live Group page, to the Photos section of your SkyDrive, to Facebook, YouTube, or Picasa Web Albums.

Selecting SkyDrive brings up a sign-in dialog if you are not already signed in. Next there is a dialog to select the resolution. This varies according to the options provided by the destination. Here are illustrations for sharing to SkyDrive and to YouTube.


There is also a dialog to select the album if SkyDrive is selected, similarly, appropriate data is requested for other destinations.  Then these dialogs pops up:


Note the title bar: Windows Live Movie Maker. The Movie maker application never opens normally, just performs the task. The slide show is converted to a movie and the movie file is saved to a temporary location, then uploaded to the web destination SlideShow-Movie-09specified.  After the upload is finished, there is an option to see the video online or locally. (Since you will ask: The video is named My Movie.wmv. The local storage location is: drive/Users/user/AppData/Local/Temp – where the italized path item is as appropriate for you.)

On SkyDrive the resulting slide show movie can only be run in a small box. The page will look about like this:


My test slide show is a selection of Kodachrome photos from half a century ago. These are from my “learning years”.

I selected these from my collection for a small article over on my Café Ludwig blog.

You are welcome to see the slide show on my Photos page. Click the image to go to the album page.

When uploading to YouTube there are more resolution options available, since YouTube is a video sharing site.

Here is a link to my YouTube site:

You can find the slide show movie there in several resolutions.

Note: Browsers differ in the way video files are supported. The video on my Photos page will play in the browser window only for Internet Explorer and Chrome, other browsers will download the file to show it in Media Player (or equivalent). YouTube video may not be available in all resolutions on your browser.

Enjoy the show!

Please also visit my blog on “things photographic”: Café Ludwig


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