Spaces to WordPress – the Move

Windows Live Spaces will be discontinued in March 2011. Current users are offered an opportunity to easily move their blog to The transfer method is quick and easy, but there are other snags that need careful consideration.


  • The process is irreversible, once started there is no stopping or going back.
  • Only the contents of the blog module and comments are moved.
  • The Spaces address is redirected to the WordPress address for the blog, posts, and any suffixes.
  • No layout or design features are moved.
  • All other modules and their contents are lost.

In my next post I will describe some of the differences between the features and language of Spaces and WordPress and how to handle modules and their contents. Here the topic is just moving the blog and posts.

The transfer process is an easy step by step procedure. It is well documented in the links provided in the steps. For additional information you may wish to refer to the very detailed information provided by Lorelle on WordPress:

Another very good resource is the series of posts on Technogran,’s  tittle tattle, starting with:

You can set up a new WordPress account during the tranfer process. You can also set up an account before you start the move, this might be preferable.

imageTo set up your WordPress blog, go to On the right side find Sign up now – Click it and and the easy process unfolds.

The usual data is set up, user name (lowercase only), password, and your email address. You need to check that you agree to the terms, then make sure that the default “Gimme a blog” is checked.

The next page defines your blog. The blog domain name will be filled in with your username. If this is already taken by someone else you will find out shortly. The blog title is also already inserted for you – this you can revise to anything you like. Then the blog language is picked – the default is en – English – the list is impressive! The last item on this page is the privacy setting:image

Most of us want our blog to be public and allow access by search engines – the default settings. The just click Signup and you are on your way. Your blog will be set up with a placeholder post.

If you decide to go the “upgrade” route, you will also come to the steps described here.  If you set up your WordPress blog first, then just sign in to WordPress at the appropriate step. You blog will be set up and your posts will be moved over in short time.

As to the next task after that – look here in my next post.


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7 Responses to Spaces to WordPress – the Move

  1. technogran says:

    Welcome Ludwig to WordPress! Looks like you will be covering ground I have already covered in my Step by Step posts on here. See I have been on (and Blogger) in anticapation of the demise of Spaces. I moved here after Wave 3 when it first became obvious that the teams couldn’t be bothered with that area that was Spaces.
    Hope you enjoy your new home.

  2. Ludwig Keck says:

    Thank you for your kind welcome, T.G., I used your detailed steps to help me get here, the list is sitting next to me to share in my posts, and still I managed to forget to include the links to your blog. Please forgive my senior moment. And to all my students and readers: By all means, do visit T.G.’s site, the information is very good and detailed!

    • technogran1 says:

      Thank you very much Ludwig for pointing everyone my way. All of my ‘step by step’ instructions take you through getting here, setting up your new blogging home, and then tailoring it to suit yourself.
      We’ll gradually get more and more detailed as we go along. There are many features on WordPress that we didn’t have on Live Spaces, such as Menu’s and Pages. And the Dashboard on WordPress is in my view, one of the best out there.
      TG From Spaces to WordPress Step by Step.

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