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Windows Live Spaces had one module that really stood above the rest: Photos. In this module it was possible to select one or more of the albums in Photos in SkyDrive. A slide show of the photos in those albums was presented in the module window. Spaces allowed multiple Spaces-slideshow2instances of the Photos module and thus it was possible to have several slide shows rolling at the same time. When a picture was clicked it would take you to a full window slide show of the album being shown at the time. Really, really neat. There is still nothing like it out there. And that means that in moving to WordPress, Spaces users must find some less fancy work-arounds. does not have a slide show Widget. There is a nice “Image” Widget. There is also a “Flickr” Widget that brings in the latest photos from you Flickr photostream. The “Text” Widget can also be used to display photos, although this is a more complicated process. Widgets, of course, can only reside in Widget areas, normally a sidebar. On some themes Widgets can also reside in footer areas.

One or more additional “page” can be used to provide a more gallery style display of photos. The page option I will hold for my next post.

Image Widgetimage

I have several Image Widgets in the right sidebar (you may need to scroll to see them). They are set to connect to slide shows. One of the Image Widgets is illustrated at right to show the hover message.

Here is how to specify the details. When an Image Widget is dragged to Widget location the Widget menu opens. There are text entry boxes to specify the title, and other parameters. for the illustrated Widget this is “Winged Subjects”. Next is the Image URL:. For this one I got the address of an image from my imageSkyDrive. I entered “click to view slide show” in Image title: – this is seen when the pointer moves over the picture (see illustration above). The text entered in the  Caption: box shows under the picture.

I selected Center for Image Alignment:. The size specification is a bit tricky. For width you want to specify a size appropriate for the sidebar width – this will be the same for all your Image widgets. For height a value tis needed that maintains the picture proportions – this you may need to calculate for each photo. In Link URL: I specified the address of the slide show of a Shutterfly album.

The “…Parks and Gardens…” Image Widget connects to a SkyDrive slide show. Some browser may not display the slide show and just show the album with thumbnail images (this is temporary as SkyDrive is undergoing many changes [October 2010]).

Flickr Widget

Also in the sidebar of this blog page there is a Flickr Widget. This displays the latest few photos uploaded to a Flickr account. The options are, beside the RSS feed URL, the number of images to show and image size (either Thumbnail or Small). I specified Small which is actually just a little too big for the sidebar, but it works. When the images are clicked, the photo on the Flickr page is shown. This does not provide for slide shows.

Text Widget

imageA Text Widget can also be used to do fairly fancy stuff. I use, and recommend to all, Windows Live Writer to set up the text, images, and hyperlinks. The only precaution is that the images must reside somewhere on the web. The source code is then copied from the Source window and pasted into the Text Widget.

You can see the actual result in the sidebar.

I used small pictures from a Windows Live Spaces blog. These reside in a SkyDrive folder that remains on my SkyDrive even after the contents of the blog module is moved to WordPress (the process makes copies of images and loads them into the WordPress Media Library).

The photos, of course, remain on SkyDrive. So the slide show links are to SkyDrive Photos slide shows.

As you can see, using Widgets can accomplish quite a bit. These are attractive work-arounds for Windows Live Spaces Photos modules. In my next post I will go into more detail on using “pages” for even nicer ways to show off photos and slide shows. For a peek ahead just click on Photo Gallery in the menu bar at the top of this page.


Please also visit my blog on “things photographic”: Café Ludwig

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8 Responses to Spaces to WordPress – photos and slide shows – Widgets

  1. technogran says:

    Ludwig you CAN have a slideshow of particular pictures inside your blog post and choose which blog post to show the slideshow on. You can position it anywhere inside that blog post as it is inserted wherever your cursor is placed when you enable it.
    I suggest that you read all of my posts on the subject here at and especially my how-to’s on this particular subject here at thanks!

    • ludwigkeck says:

      I really should share my drafts with you T.G. Yes I know about the WordPress slide show – learned it from you – and Pages – learned that from you too. Watch my next post on Pages. Thank you so much for helping us all out here!

      • technogran says:

        That’s okay Ludwig but its just that this post seemed to imply that you couldn’t have a slideshow of your photos on WordPress so I thought that you were under the impression that it wasn’t possible. I am sure that you don’t want to mislead others about it, that’s all I meant.

      • ludwigkeck says:

        My apologies to all my readers. I did not mean to confuse, but I have. I said there is “no slide show Widget” which is technically quite correct. There is a slide show feature for posts – I have been planning to discuss that in my next post. Please do look at my next post!

  2. Jeannette says:

    Ciao ,io ho do poco aperto un blog qui ,ero anche su live spaces ,però anche dopo aver letto il tuo articolo non riesco a rendere visibile l’immagine nel widget ,ho provato con image shack ,adesso con flickr, il codice per clicare è ok ,ma il codice per l’immagine url no..,puoi dare uno sgaurdo nel mio blog per consigliarmi?(l’immagine rimane bianco ,grazie e buona serata

    Google translation: Hello, do I just started a blog here, I was also on live spaces, but even after reading your article I can not make the image visible in the widget, I tried image shack, now with flickr, code-per-click is ok, but the code for the image url .. no, you can give a sgaurdo in my blog for advice? (the image is white, thank you and good evening

    • ludwigkeck says:

      I checked your blog and it looks like you figured it out. To get the URL of a photo find the photo (full size) – right click, if the URL is not listed click Properties and find the address. The address bar of the browser also shows the address if only the image is displayed.

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