Bloodied by the cutting edge – IE9beta

Shortly after the announcement of the discontinuation of Windows Live Spaces I accepted the offer to move this blog over to WordPress. The process was quite smooth and easy. Then I tried to add my new blog address to my Clubhouse profile so I could continue to share with my colleagues here and Windows Live. 

The procedure seemed to work, but the blog did not show up in my profile. I consulted friends – yes, I was doing it right. I asked for help from Microsoft – no different advise there. I tried several more times – the insanity thingie, I know – the blog just would not register.

With much grumbling and unhappiness I went about my business telling my readers about the chores of moving a blog. Here is the list of my recent posts:

Earlier today I was doing some routine maintenance on my website. On the management page I clicked the Edit command – nothing happened. Not the next time either. Then I remembered that in Facebook a command did not work either, didn’t bother me at the time. Could it be???

Quickly I logged in on another computer – a Windows 7 machine using Internet Explorer 8. The edit worked. Facebook worked. So I tried adding my new blog to my Clubhouse profile. Worked like a charm as you can see!

The problem? I have been using Internet Explorer 9 beta. Even reported several concerns. Yes, the problem is somewhere in IE9beta – at least on my own machine – some actions just do not get carried out. No warning, no chime, nothing, just no results.

Of course, beta releases are there just to find these little problems. It is fun to ride the cutting edge and be among the first to experience new features. Unfortunately, cutting edges are sharp and can inflict injury – as it turns out, to my blogging and to my pride!

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3 Responses to Bloodied by the cutting edge – IE9beta

  1. technogran1 says:

    I’ve stopped using IE9 beta because it was causing problems with Windows Live Writer. Didn’t realise it was also causing these sort of problems as well. I do hope that the IE9 team get it all straightened out before full launch or this Gran won’t be using it. I simply won’t blog without Live Writer.

  2. jaydavisus says:


    Thanks for the info… just installed ie 9 Beta on the laptop, but haven’t put it on the desktop yet. Now, thanks to you I’ll wait a bit longer for those issues to get resolved.


    • ludwigkeck says:

      I would like to find out if you, and others, have similar issues. Some links or commands just don’t seem to work. I would like to find out if this is just a local problem on my machine.

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