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Windows Live Spaces provided “Photos” modules to present very pleasant slide shows on Spaces sites. A click and the full window slide show was displayed. This was a very nice way to present a gallery or front door to photo albums. Here is a video showing a Spaces site with five Photos modules. RIP-WL Spaces

Windows Live Spaces Photos modules playing slide shows

These modules are not moved to WordPress when the invitation to move the blog is accepted. WordPress, however, offers “Pages” to fashion a gallery to your liking.

Setting up a page on a WordPress blog site is very similar to preparing imagea blog post. When using Windows Live Writer just start by selecting New page instead of New post. The procedure is described in detail by technogran in her post From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Creating a Page.

WordPress does not offer a slide show feature that connects to an album. It does have a slide show option for a set of images. Setting that up is a bit complicated, again I will let technogran guide you through the steps: Adding a Slideshow of your photos to a blog post in WordPress.

When a blog is moved from Spaces to WordPress, none of the items in SkyDrive are removed or changed. All of the photo albums stay just as they are. Of course, the nice access to them from the Spaces page is gone.image It is very easy to create a picture with a link to a SkyDrive photo album. Here is how – when using Windows Live Writer:

  • Click the Insert tab.
  • Click Photo album.

The options are: Create online album… and Add online album… The first imageoption is imagefor selecting pictures from you computer and uploading them. The second option is for connecting to an existing album. Actually the next dialog allows making this choice as well. If you are signed in, the dialog goes right to your SkyDrive and displays your albums.

  • Click on the album thumbnail.
  • Click Insert.

The pictures from the album will be downloaded to create thumbnail images. imageAn album display is inserted. The Photo Album Tools ribbon will also be displayed. Here you can choose the appearance. The default is shown at right. For this post I have chosen the Scatter option. Another command on the ribbon allows you to Shuffle the thumbnails until you find just the display you like.

Here, then is the example display. Note that the album title has been added automatically. There are links below to view the pictures as a slide show or to download them. I don’t particularly care for this last option. It is fine when sharing photos with friends, but here we have a page on a public site offering your photos. Please respect my property, these are copyrighted images and are not for your use, just your enjoyment here.

In some browsers you might not see the slide show just the album page.

You can also connect an individual picture to a slide show of an album on your SkyDrive.

Open a browser window to your SkyDrive Photos page. Pick the album you wish to show on your new WordPress page. Select a representative photo to become the “title”. Display the photo full size and copy (Crtl+C)the URL from the browser address box.image

  • From the Insert group on the Home tab click Picture. Select From the web.
  • Then paste the URL into the Picture web address: box. A preview will shortly show up in the dialog. C
  • lick Insert. Most likely the picture will be way oversize. image
  • Click on it to display the Picture Tools ribbon and select the size you like. If the options Small, Medium, and Large don’t offer just the right size, you can just imageenter the width in the size box, with Lock aspect ratio set (it is the default), Writer will resize (downward only!) to the size you entered.

Now the picture is placed on your page. You can adjust the position as you like. imageThere is one more step, that is to place a hyperlink on the picture to the slide show of your album.

  • So back in the browser click the back button to get to the page showing the photo.
  • Click Slide show.
  • When the slide show starts click in the browser address bar and copy the URL.
  • Back to Live Writer. Click on the picture to select it.
  • Click the Home tab.
  • Click Hyperlink in the Insert group. Enter the URL in the Web address box.
  • Enter a title for the slide show in the Title box. This will be displayed when a pointer hovers over the picture.

That’s it. Here is an example – here, of course, in this post.

There is a lot more versatility in what you can do. For example if you select the title images from your computer rather than the web, you can tilt them. You are not limited to linking to your SkyDrive albums, you can link to other sites like Flickr. The procedure is pretty much the same. On my Photo Gallery page I have a number of examples of what can be done. I have links to examples on PhotoSynth,, and a YouTube video. Go take a look:  This ‘n That – Photo Gallery.

One important caution: When displaying material on your site, be sure that you have rights to do so. Just because something is on the web does not mean that it is free for the taking. Here all examples are my own work.


Please also visit my blog on “things photographic”: Café Ludwig


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