Sharing Photos with a Live Group

Windows Live offers many features and they are well integrated with each other. Sharing photos with a Windows Live Group illustrates the ease and charm of Windows Live.sharing-to-group-01

In Windows Live Photo Gallery one of the icons in the Share group is “Windows Live Groups”. If you are a member of a Live group, you can upload to the group’s site right from Photo Gallery. You must, of course, be a member and the group rules must allow members to add photos.

Sharing with the group is a snap. sharing-to-group-08Just select the photos you wish to upload to the group site and click the “Windows Live Groups” icon in the Share group. If you belong to more than one group a dialog allows you to select the group.

Next you will see the available albums on the group site.

Click the appropriate album.

As with other uploads, there is an option to specify the maximum image dimension. The default is 1600px. If your photo images are larger in one dimension that this setting, they will be scaled down. There is also an option to upload the photos in their original size.

Click Publish and the photos are uploaded to the SkyDrive of the group.

sharing-to-group-07You can inform your fellow group members with an email to the group address, or you can just wait for Live Messenger to show your photos on the other members computers.

Live Messenger not only provides the news of additions to group albums, it shows thumbnail slide shows and provides links to the photos. Here is an illustration, a partial clip from Live Messenger. Of course, here in the blog post the little slide shows can’t be reproduced.

Clicking a thumbnail in Live Messenger opens a photo viewer that is much nicer than the view you get on SkyDrive. You can resize the window, even show the photos full screen. There is a play button so you can let the slide show run on its own. You can also log in to the album on the group SkyDrive with a “View on SkyDrive” link.image


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