At last: 64-bit Abobe Flash Player

Adobe has released Flash Player support for 64-bit systems. Now, at last, you need no longer switch to the 32-bit Internet Explorer in order to see videos. This has been an annoyance for years.


The download page is at Note that both 64-bit and 32-bit support are provided in one download.

Adobe still pushes junkware along with the Flash player, so be sure to uncheck the download option for Google Chrome or McAfee Security Scan or whatever you might see when you get to the download page.



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  1. THANKS Ludwig for this info. Currently we are on a road trip through New Hampshire so I will have to wait until we return home to update my desktop PC which is a 64-bit computer. This update is long overdue and thanks too for the tip about all the “junk” that Adobe will try to include in a download – always good to avoid.

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