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Here is a neat little thing you can do: Pin Café Ludwig to your taskbar. Don’t ask why on earth you would want to or should, just try it! Open Internet Explorer 9 and go to the Café Ludwig home page. imageThis will not work in other browsers, just IE9. Notice the “favicon” in front of the URL in the browser address bar. When you hover the pointer on it it says “Drag to taskbar to pin site”. Do this slowly, if you do it too fast it might not work right.

imageAs you drag the favicon it gets bigger, when you get over the desktop (outside the browser) it offers to “Create link in Desktop” – you can do that, of course, but continue to drag it down to you taskbar.image There it will say “Pin to Taskbar”.

Just let go of the mouse button and Café Ludwig is pinned to your taskbar.

Yes, you noticed correctly the different looking Windows Start button. The illustration comes from Windows 8 – that is another story – it works this way just fine in Windows 7.

There is more to the story. imageWhen you right-click the pinned icon a jump list comes up. It offers several options. For Café Ludwig the options are to three blogs: This ‘n That, Ask Ludwig and News and Notes.

Many sites are “pinable” – pardon my English – and for some sites the jump lists have a variety of offerings. For example for WordPress blogs, such as  Ask Ludwig or This ‘n That, the jump list shows links to recent posts (the list is updated when you visit the site).

Pinning sites that you frequently visit, especially your Windows Live SkyDrive or your Hotmail page, can make your computer even more convenient and easy to use. Enjoy!


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