SkyDrive improvements announced

The Windows Live SkyDrive team has announced major improvements. Many of the complaints and requests from the past have been addressed in the newest release. See the post by Omar Shahine, Group Program Manager, SkyDrive, on Windows Live: SkyDrive gets simple app-centric sharing for Office, powerful file management, HTML5 upload, other updates.

These changes should be live by the time you read this post.

Thank you, Omar!!


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7 Responses to SkyDrive improvements announced

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  2. Nathan says:

    the point is that with the previous version you could share all the resources (photos) in orginal size viewing. now disappeared the option posting photographs in its original size. there is some checkbox to do change the resolution of 2015 pixels (or something like that). unchecking it does not help and the pictures in the gallery are presented after the ugly recompression (huge artifacts on contrast edges). there’s an link in the menu on the right – watch the original size (or something like that), but who would on and on click there to see every picture in entire gallery with good quality (like befeore update of Skydrive gallery engine). what for we buy a high-end low-noise cameras and try to take advantage of its capabilities and then in the end of this chain… you see the effect of destroying the presentation by script in the SkyDrive gallery. there must be the possibility of photo-presentation in its original size and quality. unfortunately this update of SkyDrive is towards plebeian mediocrity where the quality is not important… perhaps it’s time to move to the competition : – /

    • Ludwig says:

      Sorry Nathan, but you are mistaken. The default upload size is now 2048 pixels (max dimension), previously it was 1600 pixels. Unchecking the resize option allows you to upload the full original size.
      When viewing photos they have to be resized to fit the window, or screen in full size view (F11). That is true for all services, all browsers. What you saw was the progressive download and display of images. A very low resolution image comes up first, then the more detailed image. Depending on your access speed this may be a second or two or possibly even much longer.
      You have access to the full resolution image, you may need to scroll around – I have looked at some of my panoramas – awesome! But this is not a good way of showing off a lot of photos – normally you want the image to fit the screen or window – and that requires resizing.
      I will publish a post on the new version shortly with more information. Watch for it.

  3. Nathan says:

    Sorry Ludwik, but you are wrong. My photos were always prepared under limit size so it’s not a problem. check this screen shot for sure the artifacts size depends from colors i think so You could missed the point. the thing is – how can I present my gallery in oryginal size (like before update)? the link to oryginal size is not a solution…

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