SkyDrive improves file and folder management

Microsoft continuous with incremental improvements to SkyDrive. The most recent is to root-level file and folder management. Until recently (December 2011) files and folders in the root of SkyDrive could not be moved or copied to another location – folder or album. That limitation has been lifted for folders and recently created or uploaded files. Older files still are stuck, but that is going to change soon. By the time you read this, that limitation may also be history.

imageYou can right-click any folder or other item (temporarily, new item) and get a drop-down menu that includes a “Move to” option.

But wait, there is more! In Details view it is now possible to select more than one item. There are check boxes in front of all list items. Items can be selected or un-selected with a click in this box. A right-click then also produced a “Move to” option in the menu.image

For a single selected item, the right pane shows the various options as in the past, with the Move to option as well.

The move menu is an overlay with navigation options as we all are used to from Windows Explorer. The file structure on SkyDrive can be navigated in the normal way. imageThere is also an option to add a new folder in any location in the file structure.

This all works in the normal, customary way. The items are moved to the new location in short order.

But wait, there is still more!

Any permissions that had been assigned to the moved items are retained in the new location. The items also inherit the permission settings from the new location. The sharing settings are listed in the information pane for a selected item and show the permission hierarchy. image

Permission, “sharing”, settings can be removed only at the level where they were assigned. Additional sharing can be done item by item, be it folder, photo, or document.

But wait, there is still more! If you had distributed links to items or folders, these links still work as before (unless you change sharing settings). This is great!

Your friends will just find the item as before. imageThey can see the new location from “Folder view”. Visitors can navigate  through the file tree if they have sharing permission.

Items in unshared folders can be shared, even set to “Everyone”, public. This can lead to interesting and confusing navigation. If a visitor clicks on a folder that is not shared, a sign-in page comes up or an error message. Generally, any visitor can see all public items from the “SkyDrive”, root location, even public items that are located in unshared folders. That is perplexing at first encounter.

There are bound to be additional changes to the way sharing now works, it is rather confusing and overly complicated. But for now, many prior limitations have been lifted and that is welcome. Keeping the prior permissions and links is a great accomplishment. There must have been a lot of hard work done up there in the cloud by Microsoft folks. Thanks!!


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2 Responses to SkyDrive improves file and folder management

  1. ronald hinde says:

    each time i need a new folder i have difficulty, ie i have just posted a new one folder twenty ?
    i need to put new poems into it. regards

    • Ludwig says:

      SkyDrive is getting quite a number of changes, but this method should always work: To create a new folder just click New folder above the listings. The new folder is created in the folder you are viewing. It works almost exacly like in Windows Explorer, that is, a new folder tile is added called “New folder” with the folder name highlighted, selected, so you can just type the desired name. If you need additional information, please click “Send message to Ludwig” on the About page.

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