Getting the URL of a SkyDrive photo is easy again

For a while last year there was no easy way to obtain the URL of a photo in Windows Live SkyDrive. The new version of SkyDrive, released in November 2011, again provides easy access to the actual web address of a SkyDrive photo.


Here is the procedure

There are two steps to getting an URL that will work publicly. First make sure that the photo, or the folder, is shared with “Everyone”. For details see Sharing in the new SkyDrive.

The second part is then easy. Bring up the photo in SkyDrive. In the information pane on the right, click View original. imageThis will load the original, full-size photo into your browser. Get the web address, the URL of the original, full-size photo, from the browser address bar. Copy it with Ctrl+C.

You can the paste the address to where you need it (with Ctrl+V).

Note that the address is is complex and long. Typically more that 150 characters in length. For the photo illustrated here, the URL is 161 characters long:


imageIn the sharing dialog, SkyDrive offers links. Those links, however, are to the SkyDrive page, not the photo itself. That link is fine for sharing the photo along with its folder. If the photo is shared publicly but the folder is not shared, it will look to the visitor as if there is just that one photo in the folder. The visitor will have access to other publicly shared photos and documents, so be careful!

You might think that there is another way to get an URL, that is by right-clicking the photo as shown on its SkyDrive page. imageThis will no longer provide the normal options that you get with an image in a browser. In the new SkyDrive, the right-click provides SkyDrive related options. To a visitor this will be like the illustration here, just offering a Download and View original option. (When logged in to your SkyDrive, you get more options).

The actual URL, obtained as described here, can be used in a variety of ways, but is very hard to communicate in text form. It is best used as a hyperlink. The illustration above of the URL is actually an image with the same hyperlink attached so you can see how it works.


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  2. Do you really think SkyDrive can be a good option to Flickr? I am upset with 200-photo limit of Flickr and looking for a good option. As far as Picasa, Google is so obsessed with Google Plus that it has made using Picasa as a standalone photo-sharing almost impossible. Whenever I click on a Picasa photo, it redirects me to GPlus. I am wondering if Skydrive would be a good option.

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