Grand Entrance to SkyDrive Photos

Windows Live SkyDrive provides a wonderfully versatile way of arranging and displaying photos. The proportioned thumbnails in a folder are a joy.


imageThe mini slide shows on folder tiles are captivating all by themselves. This makes organizing and showing photos easy and pleasant.

What SkyDrive does not have is an easy way to present your photo galleries publicly with a short address that can be easily shared. True, SkyDrive offers very granular sharing so specific photos or folders can be shared only with the individuals you wish, but for photos that you would like to share publicly a “grand entrance” is missing at the present time. 

imageMy solution has been to use a photo blog as that “grand entrance”.

  • A blog has a relatively short, easy to remember, web address.
  • A blog can be nicely arranged with pages and links.
  • The posts can be used to present one or more photos on a topic, as illustrated here with my photo blog, “Gallery Ludwig”.
  • Posts, “the update notifications”, can be set to also automatically send a note to social networks. My WordPress blog sends a Twitter tweet and posts a message on Facebook.
  • Blogs posts are very easily prepared with the use of Windows Live Writer. For tips see Live Writer Basics.
  • Links are readily inserted to SkyDrive photos or folders.

imageHere is how the automatically generated tweet looks on a Twitter page. What could be nicer?

Not only does the tweet list the post title and provide a link to the post, the expanded view shows one of the photos and lists the first part of the post text.


imageThe message on Facebook is similar.

So by just posting to your blog, you can get the word out to your friends where they are most likely to see it.

As they say on late night TV: But wait, there is more!

A blog post can include a nice collage link to a SkyDrive album. Live Writer can do this for top-level albums only, but there are tricks for doing that for subfolders too.

And there is still more. When you have a panorama it invariable will be skinny. The full size image can be stored on SkyDrive, but it will not look very impressive when viewed in its folder or slide show. But in a blog post such a skinny image can be linked to a “Zoom.It” version like here:


Well, did I make my case for using a blog as a “grand entrance” to SkyDrive photos?


© 2011 Ludwig Keck

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7 Responses to Grand Entrance to SkyDrive Photos

  1. Technogran says:

    Wow Ludwig! You have been busy! Some really good tips here. Personally I am not all that keen on the changes in SkyDrive, I preferred how it all worked before myself. I love the Zoom it though and the way that you have made use of Live Writer. Thank goodness for that program! Its amazing how it keeps being the de-facto program for helping out a user in all sorts of ways you wouldn’t imagine! Just hope its going to continue after Windows 8 is launched that’s all…its never had the accolade from MS that it deserves.

  2. shopsociallyPalnitkar says:

    Good tips Ludwig. thanks.

    I am trying to embed a slideshow for a Skydrive album on my page […].
    When I click on the album picture, it takes me to […]. But that link opens in thumbnail mode.

    I want it to open in full screen mode with thumbnails at the bottom. e.g. […]

    How do I make it happen?

    • Ludwig says:

      Change your links to the link for the first image. You may have to do that in “Source” mode. [I removed your links in your comment to comply with privacy requirements.]

  3. mturck says:

    Great Post! I have a few follow up questions if you don’t mind. How did you create the collage link above? Whenever I try to add a skydrive online album it creates a less appealing grid view instead. Also, you mentioned there’s a trick to using sub folders, can you shed some light on what those tricks are?


    • Ludwig says:

      The collage was made by Windows Live Writer with the Insert – Photo Album tool. When you click on the generated set, the Photo Album tab is available and you can select different patterns (if you are using Windows XP, the options are in the pane on the right). As for how to connect to a sub-folder, I have used several methods. Since you asked, I will put them together in a post over at Live Writer Basics.

    • Ludwig says:

      See my post Linking to SkyDrive albums over at Live Writer Basics This might answer some of the questions about collages and linking to sub-folders.

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