SkyDrive improvements coming soon


Windows Live SkyDrive has seen a lot of improvements in the past year and more are coming. Window 8 will reportedly be extensively integrated with SkyDrive and take advantage of the service “natively”. So the next SkyDrive update should come around the time of the release of the “Windows 8 Consumer Preview”, that is expected at the end of February (2012). skydrive-logo_thumb

A number of new features have been reported on several blogs, the most recent being a post on “More upcoming SkyDrive features revealed: ODF documents, BitLocker key management, URL shortening, and much more”.

The rumored features include:

  • Support for additional document formats.
  • Short URLs for sharing of files and folders – a much needed feature.
  • Replacement or integration of Live Mesh to provide access and sharing of all items on SkyDrive.
  • A “Windows Explorer” style application running online in the browser.

Stay tuned for more!


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