Drag and drop files from Windows 8 Explorer to SkyDrive

With Windows 8 the integration of SkyDrive will offer seamless file handling. In the Windows 8 Consumer Preview some of the features are already working. Others, notably  “folder drag and drop”, will become available with the “Wave 5” release of SkyDrive.

To illuminate the future, I installed the preview edition on an old laptop running Windows 7. Installation used the upgrade mode, that is, keeping personal items and programs. That worked beautifully, only Microsoft Security Essentials was flagged to be uninstalled as Windows 8 Consumer Preview provides its own version of security software.

This post is being prepared on the “upgraded” laptop now running “Win8CP” and using Live Writer that has been on this machine. I opened Windows Explorer and SkyDrive side by side. Dragging files over from Explorer to SkyDrive works just as you would expect. The procedure does not yet work with folders.


B-TnT120306-2A small window opens in the lower right of the SkyDrive window showing the upload progress.

Yes, it is possible now to drag and drop to SkyDrive, but it requires that you click “Add files” and then you drag the files to the offered dialog. In Windows 8 you just drag to the folder – just as you do to local folders. Beautiful!

Next – upload this post. My first from Windows 8.


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