Windows 8 tips and discoveries from around the Internet

With the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview the interest and exploration has really gotten underway. imageBe aware that this release is a “preview” or “beta” version and most of the Metro style apps provide just hints of what is coming.

Enthusiasts have been exploring the nooks and crannies and sharing their discoveries.

I too, have been exploring and sharing here with more to come.

Here are some blog posts with interesting and useful information that I found particularly interesting.

imageGetting around in Windows 8 by Kent Walter of the Windows team in the Windows  Experience Blog.

The basics of the Metro interface: Settings, searching, keyboard shortcuts and more.

imageThe Metro hater’s guide to customizing Windows 8 Consumer Preview by Ed Bott at ZDNet.

Some neat suggestions on customizing the Start screen and more. Even how to make a shutdown desktop shortcut.

imageWindows 8 Consumer Preview. 1. Let’s get started! from Technogran’s tittle tattle – the first steps as only TG can explain them.

There are, of course, many others and much, much more to come.

If you have not yet started to explore Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you may want to visit the Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview page. You can find download links there so you too can join the fun.

Observant readers will have noticed the addition of Windows 8 to the This ‘n That menu bar above. This gets you to the Windows 8 posts the easy way.


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  1. technogran says:

    Thanks Ludwig for the mention and ping back. Your right, there are many more to come as I take all those who can’t seem to cope with change through using Windows 8 as it should be used step by step.

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