Publishing photos to SkyDrive via email to end

Another Microsoft Live service will be discontinued. Publishing photos to SkyDrive has been offered for a long time, but not many people knew of the options and few used it regularly. image

Now the Microsoft SkyDrive Team has announced that “we are retiring this feature in our next release, and it will no longer be available after April 2012.”

For those of used who liked and used this method, this is just another “day of bereavement” as we lament the passing of Windows Live services.

There may be a glimmer of good news, or at least hope, in the announcement: The statement implies that the next update of SkyDrive will come next month, May 2012. Some really nice and useful features have been promised, so let us hope for the best.


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2 Responses to Publishing photos to SkyDrive via email to end

  1. George Heindel says:

    After reviewing your new book Digital Pictures Basics 2012 I had to return to this post for review.

    What we once taught our students has changed considerably relative to SkyDrive. Now that Windows Live is pretty much dead and buried under the miss management of Synofski / Ballmer regime I realize that the time has come to download all my SkyDrive content to a computer.
    Will then add to Picassa and share on Google+ as I see fit. Google + is a superior venue to Windows Live, see you there.

    RIP Microsoft Windows Live

    • Ludwig says:

      Install the SkyDrive desktop app – it will neatly download what you have in your SkyDrive. You can then save it off to another location. Then again, you might find that you will want to continue with SkyDrive after all.

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