SkyDrive updated

Here is the blog post announcing the new SkyDrive features and services:

SkyDrive-app-installWith the SkyDrive application (download link in blog post) the SkyDrive folders, documents, and photos, are now accessible just like any other folder on the computer.


Here is a sample view showing my SkyDrive in Windows Explorer:


Note the addition of SkyDrive under my Favorites in the left pane. In the main area the photos of one folder are shown. The properties of a photo are right there in the properties pane.

There is more news in the post. The sad news is that new accounts will get only 7 GB (instead of the 25 GB offered until now). More storage can be rented.

I will have more details in a future post – for now I just want to get the long-awaited news out to you.


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