No more file type restrictions in the new SkyDrive

With the new upgrade to SkyDrive (23 April 2012) the restrictions on what types of files can be stored have been removed. SkyDrive-NEW-13This is, of course, just one of the new features.

Having SkyDrive appear as a folder right in Windows Explorer is the most wanted and useful update. This allows dragging files of any type and folders, complete with contents and sub-folders right “into” SkyDrive.

As they say in the ads on late-night TV: But there is more!

One of the file types I dragged into my SkyDrive was a photo in “raw” format, in my case, a Nikon NEF file. I expected it to just appear in the listing. imageI have these files set to open with Windows Live Photo Gallery, so in Windows Explorer the file icon is the Photo Gallery symbol. The illustration here is what I see in Windows Explorer.

In SkyDrive, up in the cloud using Internet Explorer, I expected to see just a file listing. But to my surprise this is what I saw:


When clicking the thumbnail, here is the result:


I opened the Information group in the data pane and scrolled down so you can see that SkyDrive correctly recognizes it as a Nikon NEF file type, the full size is there. And, of course, SkyDrive knows how to display this file type!

All I can say is:
Congratulations Microsoft SkyDrive Team, you have “done good”!


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2 Responses to No more file type restrictions in the new SkyDrive

  1. Geoff Coupe says:

    Ludwig, yes, I agree that being able to display RAW format files is excellent (and I am pleasantly surprised that the team has done it). However, one thing that they still haven’t addressed – although it’s been reported to them on more than one occasion) is the ability to display Descriptive Tags (IPTC/Core Keywords) that are contained in uploaded images. I believe that the “Tag” field shown in the information pane only refers to People Tags. I don’t use these, because WLPG will corrupt my Makernotes if I tag people in photos…

    • Ludwig says:

      You are quite right, Geoff, the tags, and other information, is not shown in the SkyDrive info pane. Nor can I see that information in my Windows Explorer SkyDrive folder. This may have to do with the codec that I am using (I use the Nikon codec, not the Microsoft codec).
      The good news is that the information is retained in the file. I have compared the data with an EXIF tool, both for the original and a downloaded copy (original was copied to a separate folder, renamed, moved to SkyDrive folder, then later viewed in browser and downloaded to a different folder). The file data for both is identical (except for file name and folder location).
      Let’s hope that the SkyDrive team tackles tags before long – they are there, so it should not be too difficult to show the information.

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