The power of the SkyDrive desktop app

My previous post ended with ellipses, “For the want of a nail …” Of course, dear reader, I am not going to let you hang like that. You knew there was more to the story, and indeed there is.

If you are just joining, here is a quick recap:

passport: EtoileUsing Windows Live Writer to prepare a WordPress photo blog offers a vast array of tools and options to create attractive and functional posts. Tying into SkyDrive albums makes this even more useful and pleasant. My post on Tall Ships in Savannah ran into a small but bothersome problem when I had trouble identifying two French sister ships, the Etoile and the La Belle Poule. So I left out the photo titles. passport: La Belle Poule

Further research provided the ids and it was a small matter of adding the tooltip information in Live Writer, however, SkyDrive does not allow changes or addition of titles. Bummer – that is the gist of my post Joys and pains of SkyDrive albums.

showing the hyperlink tooltipHere is what you get in the (corrected) post. When the pointer is moved to a picture, the tooltip, or popup, shows the title of the photo. In this case the name of the ship, La Belle Poule.

Clicking on the picture takes the viewer to the same photo in the SkyDrive photo album. That is quite neat. SkyDrive showing comment as titleWhen the photos where uploaded to SkyDrive, using Windows Live Photo Gallery, which makes that an effortless and fast procedure, titles had not been assigned to some of these photos. SkyDrive uses the embedded comment, if present, to name the photo. In this case a copyright notice and tracking code  that my camera writes into the photo file. Not very useful to blog readers. SkyDrive has no way of adding or changing this title, at least not yet.

So here is the rest of the story. This is a joyous one!

Enter the SkyDrive desktop app.

SkyDrive apps optionIf you have not yet installed it, go to your SkyDrive and note the link in the nav pane. Click on it to get to the download page for the SkyDrive desktop app. Apps are available for a number of devices. Download the appropriate one and install it.SkyDrive-MD-13

Once installed, you have a SkyDrive folder in the Favorites section of Windows Explorer. It may take some time to download all of your content, but once completed you have access just like any other files on your computer.

And this is where the story gets happy.

SkyDrive files in desktop app

The files appear just like others in Windows Explorer, including the information in the details pane. Adding metadata to SkyDrive fileWhat is more, you can edit the metadata just like you can for any other file. That includes adding a title.

Yes, all the tags, comments, titles, of JPG and other files are there. They don’t all show in SkyDrive, but the data is preserved.

Adding a title to a photo in the desktop app, gets the update process started. the corrected title in SkyDriveFor such a small change it is quite quick. And now in SkyDrive the corrected title shows up for the photos!

Thanks and congratulations to the Microsoft SkyDrive team!


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3 Responses to The power of the SkyDrive desktop app

  1. Technogran says:

    Thereby proving Ludwig, that its not until you can get to it on your computer, can you actually do anything with any file stored on SkyDrive, an omission I think you’ll agree. So my point is this. Whilst Microsoft and others try to persuade us all to use the ‘Cloud’ for our storage or our files/photos, doing so ‘online’ limits the amount you can do, and its not until you can access those files on your computer (in this case as a file in the SkyDrive app) that you can actually edit any info and change it.

  2. Panama says:

    Sometimes the easiest way to add a new SkyDrive photo album is to do it as you upload photos from Live Photo Gallery. In Photo Gallery sign in to your Microsoft account (upper right). Then select the photos you wish to upload to a new SkyDrive photo album. Click SkyDrive in the Share section of the ribbon. A dialog pops up with the first option being the defining of a new SkyDrive photo album. Type in the name you wish to assign to the album and click Publish. Note the Publish button is not enabled until an album name has been typed. The SkyDrive photo album will be created and the selected photos will be uploaded to the album.

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