Short URLs for SkyDrive folders or photos

Today (May 17, 2012) a long awaited bit of good news was announced: Short ULRs for SkyDrive folders and photos. In a windowsteamblog post,  Shorter, more useful links with SDRV.MS, Omar Shahine,  SkyDrive Group Program Manager, said:

  • We’ve shortened our regular URLs by 40%. Our previous URLs didn’t even fit inside a Tweet! Oh the shame!
  • You can shorten them even further thanks to our new partnership with bitly and the new domain for shortened SkyDrive URLs:
  • We’ve added OpenGraph support to our URLs so that when you paste them into places like Facebook, a nice thumbnail preview gets generated

Now when opening the sharing dialog, there is a “Shorten” button at the end of the web link.


When clicked the button provides a short web link, or URL, as illustrated here:


This is so much easier to work with and use. Read the full story and about the other features in the blog post (see first paragraph above).

Here, just to test the new feature one such link:

Hurray, and thanks!


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