Using Word 2013 as a blogging tool

Using Word 2013 as a blogging tool

The new Word 2013 Preview has a feature for posting to a blog. This is not new, Word 2010 and Word 2007 before it, had that option. With the many concerns that Windows Live Writer is about to be discontinued, this seems like a good time to check out this feature.

I composed this post as a normal, default “Blank document”. For blogging, of course, it is important to see the post as it will appear when it is published. At this point I have not yet “registered” my blog with Word 2013, so this is all that I can expect.

But first – let me save what I have typed so far. First surprise of Word 2013: The default location to save a document is SkyDrive.

I passed on that for now. Looks like Microsoft is really taken with the cloud.

Let me see how this “Publish as a Blog Post” option works. Here goes …

Registration is straightforward except the blog address expected by Word 2013. It wants “/xmlrpc.php” added after the blog address.

A new document windows opens with a ribbon showing some blog options. Here is a screen clip:

With that “Publish” option available – let’s do it.

Well, it worked.

That is the best I can say about this feature. I opened the post in Live Writer to edit and complete this post. No way can Word 2013 replace Live Writer. It is not even a crayon in comparison. In Live Writer I can add the tags and my “boilerplate” to finish the post. Another experience chalked up. You may not see me coming down this road again.


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8 Responses to Using Word 2013 as a blogging tool

  1. Technogran says:

    Same here Ludwig. In fact I didn’t even get to the ‘publish’ part because I attempted to add a picture. Did you try that? It needs you to state the place where your pictures are going to be stored! So despite using SkyDrive to store your post, it doesn’t store your pictures up there or why demand the URL of your photo storage? Its a no go in my book and even if I was prepared to pay for Word, I certainly wouldn’t consider using it for blog posts! Writer rules!

  2. Beatrice P. Boyd says:

    Ludwig, sorry to hear that Live Writer could become obsolete cause its such an awesome program. I recently bought a MacBook Air for travel and had been lamenting the fact that there was no comparable LW for Mac. While I can still use it on my desktop HP, I hope that even if obsoleted, it will still function as even an older version would be better than no LW.

    • Ludwig says:

      I just checked (20 July 2012) and Live Writer is still available in an obscure and hard to find place on the Microsoft Windows Live Essentials site. Let’s hope Microsoft is smart enough to keep it going.

  3. Mukesh says:

    Raise your hands if you at least thought once that this is a “PREVIEW” product and not yet finished. I see no hands.

    • Ludwig says:

      Thank you Mukesh for your expression of confidence. I truly hope that indeed the blogging support in the Preview edition is just that, a preview. Word in prior editions has offered these same elementary features and my fear is that this is all there is and all that there is going to be. It would please me greatly to learn that my fear was misplaced and that you are right.

  4. I was trying to write a review last night with Word 2013 too. I like the experienced and smoothness, until I had to insert and compose the images on the post… I can definitely get used to the new ways but I find it much simpler and quicker with Windows Live Writer 😦

  5. Mike Carroll says:

    I tried out Word 2010 for posting to my blog, and it seems to be buggy. I have a test and a production blog. I told it about both. Then I deleted both using “Manage Accounts”, restarted Word, and just told it about the test blog. Well, now Word posts to the test blog like it should, but when I click the “Home Page” button it takes me to the production blog, which it isn’t even supposed to know about. It must have stored information in the Windows registry.

    The “Open Existing” button gives me an empty list. There’s also no documentation as to what should appear in the list, so you can’t tell anyway if it should be empty.

    I wanted my other blog users to be able to use Word if they wanted it to, but now I can’t recommend it to them. (Both my blogs are on WordPress; there did not seem to be any problems there.)

    Microsoft once again confirms the impression everyone has of them. SkyDrive, right, they’ll get that working in a century or so.

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