VMware Player 5 for Windows 8

Run Windows 8 on new VMware Player 5

VMware has released a new version of VMware Player with full Windows 8 support. VMwarePlayer5-logoInstalling Windows 8 in a VMware Player virtual machine is now straightforward and quick. This version even received a new logo. You can download the new version of VMware Player by clicking this link. image

If you have a prior version of VMware Player installed, you will need to uninstall it. The installation process for the new version will walk you through any needed steps.

imageInstalling Windows 8 in a virtual machine is direct and fast. Of course, you need installation media. This post is written before the public release of Windows 8, so I installed the Release Preview (still available [August 2012] at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/download).

Start VMware Player and click Create a New Virtual Machine. Select the ISO image file of Windows 8. The OS may not be properly recognized, just click Next and you can select the proper operating system type.VMwarePlayer5-01VMwarePlayer5-02

imageBe sure to select Windows 8 x64 if you are installing the 64-bit version or just Windows 8 for the 32-bit system.

There are several dialogs to go through and shortly you can start the the virtual machine by clicking Play virtual machine.

The installation of Windows 8 will then proceed just like on a dedicated computer.

One final step is necessary: Be sure to install the VMware Tools. There is a warning strip at the bottom of the window with instructions.


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  2. Beatrice P. Boyd says:

    Ludwig, while admittedly I don’t understand any of the info in this post, it is well done as always.

  3. hart says:

    Unfortunately, I get “Windows cannot find the Microsoft Software License Terms” error.
    And I’m using latest VMware player.

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