Arranging the order of photos in a SkyDrive album

Unlike Windows Explorer and other file management utilities, SkyDrive permits the order of photos to be arranged into any chosen sequence. This makes putting together an effective slide show simple and easy.image

Here are the steps for arranging a SkyDrive album

imageSign in to your SkyDrive and navigate to the album you wish to arrange. In the upper right click the Sort order link. In the drop-down menu click Arrange.image 

A new page opens showing the pictures in thumbnail view. The pointer will be the familiar four-pointed “move” shape whenever it is over a thumbnail.

Just drag any thumbnail into another location. As you drag other thumbnails separate to make room for the moved photo. Just drop it in the place you like.

But wait – there is more!

When you hover the pointer over a thumbnail a “select box” shows up in the upper right corner of the image. Just click to select it. After the first selection all the other thumbnails display their select boxes. Click on another thumbnail to select it. Click a selected image and it is unselected. Drag any one of the selected thumbnails to a new location and the other selected ones come along.


When the order is as you want it, click Save sort order in the title bar. You are now ready to share your album and your viewers will see it in the order that you have defined.


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3 Responses to Arranging the order of photos in a SkyDrive album

  1. Thanks for this helpful tip, Ludwig. I have Skydrive downloaded, but haven’t used it to send a photo album. Now that I know the photos can be sorted, I will have to give it a try soon.

  2. Lori says:

    Thanks for the help. My only question is that I keep getting an error message everyone once in a while saying can not save order at this time. Try again later. But later never works either. I have to get out of it and then start all over. Any idea why?

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