Updating drivers for Windows 8

Windows 8 brings with it a set of drivers that might not provide the best performance. I had that happen when I installed Windows 8 on an ancient HP laptop. The native Windows 8 driver could not set the screen to its native resolution. Searching the HP site told me that no graphics driver was available for Windows 8. imageFinally, after much searching and cussing, I came back and downloaded the most recent driver for my dv8000 – it was a Vista driver from 2007. (Yes, I am talking about an ancient machine!)

Well, that antique Vista driver works just fine in Windows 8. My native screen resolution is back and all the various features seem to work. Plugging in an external projector changes the screen resolution automatically and returns it when I am finished. All is well.

If you have driver issues with Windows 8, take a look at this post: Why, how and where to update your Windows 8 drivers by Alex Castle on PC World. He provides a very extensive list of resources.


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