The march to oblivion for Picasa Web Albums continues

For some time Google has been pushing users of Picasa Web Albums to switch over to Google+.  Picasa, the desktop photo organizing and editing program, some time back changed the upload button to read “Share on Google+”.


The Picasa Web Albums were replicated in the Google+ Photos look, and now the Picasaweb Albums addresses started to redirect to the new Google+ addresses. When before you had a nice web address for your albums, like – the new address is more reminiscent of the earliest of email addresses, a long number. Except that Google+ id numbers are twenty-one digits long. My album address changed from an easy to remember to That is hardly a way to tell folks how to find my photos.  Good going Google!

Both of those addresses take you to my Google+ Photos page. For a while, at least, there is a way back to the old Picasaweb style albums. Lance Whitney in a post at CNET provides more details. See his post “Google now redirects Picasa Web Albums to Google+ Photos”.


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  1. Hoyohoyo says:

    Try adding ?noredirect=1 to your bookmark for Picasa Web Albums. This way you won’t get redirected to Google+
    My bookmark is:

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